360 Flex

Introducing the 360 Flex, the ultimate Plate Loaded Lower Body machine designed by Phoenix Strength. This innovative fitness equipment revolutionizes plate training with its wide range of handle positioning options, providing a versatile and effective workout for the lower body. With the inclusion of squat pads, this machine offers additional functionality, allowing users to perform a variety of exercises all in one single machine.

The 360 Flex is built with quality and durability in mind, delivering a robust and reliable workout experience. Its assembled dimensions of 179cm (W) x 177cm (D) x 86cm (H) ensure a compact footprint, making it suitable for gym spaces of any size. Weighing in at 180 KG, this machine provides stability and security during intense workouts.

Experience the power of the 360 Flex as it targets your lower body muscles with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, or calves, this machine offers endless exercise possibilities to help you reach your fitness goals. Upgrade your gym with the 360 Flex today and unleash the potential of your lower body workouts.

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Enhance Your Lower Body Workouts: Ultimate Versatility with the 360 Flex

Experience unmatched versatility and take your lower body workouts to the next level with the 360 Flex by Phoenix Strength. Designed to provide a wide range of handle positioning options, this innovative machine offers endless exercise possibilities that cater to individual fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, or calves, the 360 Flex has got you covered. Its unique design allows for targeted muscle engagement and a comprehensive lower body workout. With the addition of squat pads, you can further enhance your training routine and perform even more exercises on a single machine. The 360 Flex is the ultimate tool for aspiring athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and gym owners who seek maximum efficiency and effectiveness in their workouts. Upgrade your gym with this versatile machine and unlock limitless potential in your lower body training.

Targeted Lower Body Muscle Engagement: Unlock Your Potential

Maximize the effectiveness of your lower body workouts with the 360 Flex by Phoenix Strength. This feature-packed machine ensures targeted muscle engagement, allowing you to unlock your full potential and achieve exceptional results. By focusing on specific muscle groups such as quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, you can tailor your training to meet your unique fitness goals. The 360 Flex provides a versatile platform for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and gym owners to design customized lower body workout routines that deliver optimal outcomes. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase power, or improve overall conditioning, this machine offers the precision and control needed to take your performance to new heights. Elevate your training experience with the 360 Flex and unleash the true power of your lower body muscles.

Efficient Space-Saving Design: Optimize Your Workout Area

Make the most of your workout area with the 360 Flex by Phoenix Strength. Its efficient space-saving design allows you to optimize your gym or home fitness space without compromising on functionality. This compact machine is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive lower body workout while minimizing its footprint. Whether you have a dedicated gym or limited space, the 360 Flex offers a practical solution that fits seamlessly into any environment. Its versatility and compact size make it an ideal choice for gym owners looking to maximize their equipment offerings or fitness enthusiasts seeking to create a home gym setup. With the 360 Flex, you can transform any space into a powerhouse of lower body strength training and experience efficient, effective workouts right at your fingertips.