Astro Turf - 1m x 15m - Red

Experience the optimal fusion of performance and comfort with our Astro Turf (1m x 15m) in striking Flame Red. Crafted with precision, the turf boasts a thickness of 20mm and a high density of 31500 tufts/sqm, providing a lush, comfortable feel underfoot. Created as a perfect sled track, its versatility extends to agility work, sprints, plyometrics, and more. Its high number of tufts per square meter helps it better accommodate sleds and brings unrivaled durability, standing up exceptionally well in gym environments. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Pheonix Strength Astro Turf brings an invigorating touch of brilliance and resilience where you need it the most.

    Unmatched Astro Turf Durability for High-Intensity Workouts

    Phoenix Astro Turf’s unmatched durability ensures your investment stands the test of time. Built to accommodate high-intensity workouts, it’s specifically designed to manage the wear and tear of gym environments. Whether it’s sled pulls, agility drills, or grunt work, the high tuft density makes it the perfect choice for heavy usage, resisting degradation over time. Being outdoor friendly means weather won’t stand in the way of your fitness goals, allowing for a variety of training opportunities. Perfect for any fitness entrepreneur looking to provide sustainable, versatile workout options for clients, Phoenix Astro Turf ensures you deliver prime conditioning experiences over the long term.

    Designed for Versatility in Fitness Routines

    Phoenix Strength Astro Turf adds a level of versatility to your gym that is unparalleled. Not only is it a perfect sled track, but its rugged build makes it an excellent surface for dynamic workouts including agility training, sprints, and plyometrics. This allows gym owners and fitness enthusiasts to diversify their training regimen, tailoring unique, efficient workout routines for their clientele right on the turf. As it caters to both indoor and outdoor setups, it extends the variety of workouts, taking your fitness sessions beyond the conventional gym space. With Phoenix Strength Astro Turf, the fitness possibilities are boundless.

    Awesome Astro Turf Feel for Superior Workout Results

    Phoenix Strength Astro Turf isn’t only about endurance and versatility, it also brings an element of luxury to your gym. Its 20mm thickness provides a comfortable surface for all forms of exercise, adding a pleasing aesthetic to your fitness space. With its high tuft density, clients can feel the premium quality under their feet during their workouts, adding a touch of luxury to the fitness routine. Whether it’s a high-intensity plyometric routine or a rigorous sled push, the lush feel enhances the overall fitness experience. Phoenix Strength Astro Turf is the perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality, redefining the standards of workout luxury for your clients.