Astro Turf - 2m x 20m - Red

Enhance your training facility with the Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red from Phoenix Strength. This top-quality astro turf is designed to elevate your workouts. With a thickness of 20mm and 300 stitches per meter, it provides a luxurious feel underfoot, ensuring comfort and durability. This Ferrari Red turf is not only ideal for sled tracks but also perfect for agility work, sprints, plyometrics, and more. Its high tuft count of 31,500 tufts per square meter delivers exceptional performance and robustness. Whether you choose to use it outdoors or in your gym, this astro turf will enhance your training experience and help you achieve your fitness goals. Elevate your workouts with Phoenix Strength’s Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red and experience the difference.

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    Enhanced Performance with Durable Red Astro Turf

    Our Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red is designed to provide enhanced performance and durability for your training needs. With its 20mm thickness and high tuft count of 31,500 tufts per square meter, this astro turf delivers exceptional comfort and strength. The luxurious feel underfoot ensures a pleasant experience during your workouts, while the durable construction guarantees longevity even in high-intensity training environments. Whether you’re using it as a sled track, engaging in agility work, sprints, or plyometrics, this Astro Turf is built to withstand the demands of your training routine. Its vibrant Ferrari Red color adds a touch of style to your facility, while its versatility allows for both indoor and outdoor use. Upgrade your training space with our Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red and enjoy the advantages it brings to your fitness journey.

    Versatile Design for Indoor and Outdoor Use

    Our Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red features a versatile design that allows for both indoor and outdoor use. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for your training space. Install the turf indoors to create a dedicated area for functional training, sled tracks, or agility work. The vibrant red color adds a dynamic element to your facility, enhancing the visual appeal. Transitioning to outdoor training is seamless with this Astro Turf. Take your workouts to the next level under the open sky, whether it’s for sprints, plyometrics, or other outdoor activities. The durable construction ensures that the turf can withstand various weather conditions while maintaining its performance and integrity. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of using our Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red anywhere, anytime, and make the most of your training sessions.

    High Durability for Intense Workouts

    Our Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red is designed to withstand the rigors of intense workouts, making it the ideal choice for the target audience of passionate fitness enthusiasts and gym owners. The high durability of this turf ensures that it can handle heavy usage and intense training sessions without compromising its performance. Whether you are hosting group fitness classes, strength training sessions, or functional workouts, this Astro Turf will exceed your expectations. Its robust construction guarantees that it can withstand the demands of weight sleds, sled pushes, and high-impact exercises. With our Astro Turf – 2m x 20m – Red, you can confidently create a training environment that caters to your clients’ needs and supports their fitness goals. Experience the resilience and durability of our Astro Turf and elevate your training sessions to new heights.