Lever Belt Squat

The Phoenix Strength Lever Belt Squat is a game-changing lower body machine designed to revolutionize the traditional squat exercise. This plate-loaded machine features a hip belt and chain mechanism that intelligently shifts the load to the hips, effectively loading the lower body without applying unnecessary stress on the user’s spine. Whether you’re a powerlifter looking to enhance your squats or a rehabilitation center in need of a safe and effective lower body workout, the Lever Belt Squat is your go-to choice.

With its robust construction and attention to biomechanics, this machine provides an optimal training experience. The Lever Belt Squat’s design allows for superior stability and balance while performing the exercise, ensuring maximum safety and muscle activation. Its compact assembled dimensions of 142cm (W) x 224cm (D) x 110cm (H) make it suitable for any gym space.

Experience the freedom of loading your lower body with confidence using the Phoenix Strength Lever Belt Squat. Unlock new levels of strength, power, and muscular development while maintaining proper form and minimizing strain on your back. Trust in our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovative equipment design as you take your fitness journey to new heights with this exceptional machine.

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Transform Your Squats with Ease.

Experience a revolutionary way to enhance your squats with the Phoenix Strength Lever Belt Squat. This innovative machine is designed to transform traditional squat exercises by shifting the load to your hips, reducing stress on your spine and allowing for a safer and more effective workout. With this unique feature, you can target your lower body muscles with precision, maximizing results and minimizing the risk of injury. Whether you’re a powerlifter looking to improve your squat performance or a rehabilitation center focused on safe and efficient lower body exercises, this machine delivers exceptional benefits. Say goodbye to unnecessary strain on your back and hello to increased stability, balance, and muscle activation. Elevate your training experience and achieve new levels of strength with the Lever Belt Squat from Phoenix Strength.

Maximize Muscle Activation and Growth.

Experience unparalleled muscle activation and growth with the Phoenix Strength Lever Belt Squat. This exceptional feature enables targeted engagement of your muscles, allowing for maximum intensity and stimulation during your workouts. By shifting the load to your hips and alleviating stress on your spine, you can focus on pushing your limits without compromising form or risking injury. Whether you’re a powerlifter striving to increase muscle mass or an athlete looking to enhance performance, this machine provides a safe and effective way to activate and strengthen key muscle groups. Get ready to unleash your full potential and unlock incredible gains with the Lever Belt Squat from Phoenix Strength.

Enhance Stability and Balance.

Achieve unmatched stability and balance with the Phoenix Strength Lever Belt Squat. This remarkable feature ensures that you can perform your exercises with confidence and precision. By distributing the load to your hips and away from your spine, this machine allows you to maintain proper form while targeting your lower body muscles. The enhanced stability and balance provided by the Lever Belt Squat not only reduce the risk of injuries but also maximize the effectiveness of each rep. Whether you’re a powerlifter aiming to perfect your technique or an athlete seeking improved performance, this machine offers the stability and balance you need to excel in your workouts. Elevate your training experience with the Lever Belt Squat from Phoenix Strength, and unlock your full potential.