12 Station Combo - 3 Stack - 2 x Span

Introducing the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12 (3 x Quad Tower – 2 x Span) – the ultimate cable crossover system for your gym. As part of our innovative Phoenix Multi Station system, this multi-station combo is completely customizable and allows for infinite expansion as your gym grows.

At the core of the system is the tower, which supports up to four independent weight stacks. With each side of the tower linked by a crossover beam, you can easily construct a linear or grid pattern setup that can expand endlessly from two stations to four, and beyond. This flexibility means you can create a configuration that perfectly suits your gym space and training needs.

With its ultra-modular design, the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12 provides a versatile solution for strength training enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike. The robust construction ensures durability and stability, while the smooth cable movement allows for precise exercises targeting various muscle groups. Whether you’re looking to enhance functional training, perform resistance exercises, or engage in full-body workouts, this multi-station combo delivers exceptional performance and versatility.

Experience the future of strength training with the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12 (3 x Quad Tower – 2 x Span). Expand your gym’s potential, maximize workout options, and provide your clients with an unparalleled fitness experience. Customize it to fit your space, unleash endless possibilities, and elevate your training facility to new heights.

    Unlimited Workout Configurations for Maximum Versatility

    Experience the freedom to design your workouts exactly as you envision them with the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12. Its unlimited workout configurations allow you to maximize versatility and cater to the diverse needs of your clients. Whether you want to focus on upper body strength, functional training, or full-body workouts, this system has got you covered.

    With its modular design, you can easily customize the setup according to your specific space requirements. Expand from two stations to four, or even more, as your gym grows and demands increase. This flexibility ensures that you can constantly introduce new exercises and training variations to keep your clients engaged and challenged.

    By offering a wide range of workout possibilities, the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12 empowers you to meet the unique goals and preferences of each individual in your clientele. Provide unparalleled training experiences that cater to diverse fitness levels and objectives. Maximize your gym’s potential with a versatile cable crossover system that delivers exceptional results and keeps your clients coming back for more.

    Endless Training Possibilities for Optimal Performance

    Unlock the potential for optimal performance with the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12 and its endless training possibilities. Designed to cater to the diverse needs and goals of your clients, this cable crossover system offers a range of exercises that target different muscle groups and promote overall strength and conditioning.

    By providing a variety of training options, you can create dynamic workout routines that keep your clients engaged and motivated. From resistance exercises to functional training movements, this multi-station combo allows you to offer a comprehensive fitness experience to your clientele.

    With the ability to customize the setup according to your gym’s space and requirements, you can ensure that every inch of your facility is utilized efficiently. The Phoenix Multi-Station X 12 provides maximum versatility, helping you optimize your training environment and provide a wide range of exercise options for your clients’ specific needs.

    Take your gym to new heights with the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12’s endless training possibilities. Empower your clients with personalized workouts designed to enhance their performance and achieve their fitness goals.

    Precise Cable Movement for Effective Workouts

    Experience the difference of precise cable movement with the Phoenix Multi-Station X 12. This feature ensures that every repetition counts, allowing for effective and targeted workouts. The smooth and controlled movement of the cables enables you to isolate specific muscle groups and perform exercises with proper form.

    Whether you are performing chest flies, cable rows, or bicep curls, the precision of the cable movement enhances your workout experience. By engaging the targeted muscles effectively, you can maximize the results of each exercise and optimize your clients’ training sessions.

    The Phoenix Multi-Station X 12’s precise cable movement is invaluable for personal trainers, strength coaches, and gym owners who strive to provide their clients with superior training experiences. Unlock the full potential of your workouts and help your clients achieve their fitness goals with this advanced cable crossover system.