Rubber Gym Flooring 15mm - 1m x 1m - Black

Secure the foundation of your gym with Phoenix Strength’s Rubber Gym Flooring. This 15mm thick, 1m x 1m professional-grade rubber tile provides a sturdy, reliable layer of protection to equip your fitness space for intense training. Specially designed for commercial gyms, our flooring system is not only easy to install thanks to its precise dimensions, but it also safeguards your equipment and members while enhancing the overall value of your gym.

Made from high-grade recycled rubber, these tiles meet the Australian Standard 9239.1:2010 for fire rating. Plus, the waterproof and non-slip surface ensures safer training and peaceful mind even during high-intensity workout sessions.

Phoenix Rubber Gym Flooring brings together innovative function, aesthetic appeal, and superior safety standards, truly embodying the Phoenix Strength ethos of excellence

Rubber Flooring Specifications:

  • Fire Rated: Australian Standard Compliant ISO 9239.1:2010
  • 100cm x 100cm x 15mm Thickness
  • Bevelled Edge Reducesz Trip Risk
  • Waterproof Surface Protects Your Floor
  • Non-Slip For Safer Training
  • Non-Toxic Rubber & Adhesive
  • Quality Adhesives Low to Zero Odour
  • 100% Recycled Materials

    High-Grade Safety Floor for Optimal Gym Performance

    Committed to providing exceptional fitness experiences, our Rubber Gym Flooring emerges as the prime choice for gym owners valuing safety and performance. This professional-grade flooring is crafted with high-recycled rubber, optimized for sustained high-intensity workouts and safe weight drops, making it an excellent investment for any strength training space. It not only protects your equipment from wear and tear but also enhances the stability of the gym users, preventing slip-related injuries. By meticulous design, these tiles meet the Australian fire safety standards, further ensuring a safer gym environment. Bolster your gym’s performance potential and member safety with Phoenix Strength’s trusted, superior-quality gym flooring.

    Easy Installation for Optimized Gym Setup

    Phoenix Strength’s Rubber Gym Flooring simplifies the process of setting up your ideal fitness space. Delivering precise dimensions of 1m x 1m, these flooring tiles are designed to fit seamlessly together, minimizing installation time and effort. Easy installation ensures that you can focus more on what matters most – providing your gym members with an upgraded training experience. By selecting our Gym Flooring, gym owners, facility managers and new gym start-ups save valuable time and reduce labor costs, all while ensuring a smooth, even, and reliable surface on which their customers can reach their fitness goals in a comfortable and safe environment. Discover the true difference a fuss-free installation can make with Phoenix Strength.

    Waterproof and Non-Slip for Enhanced Safety

    Designed with the thrills and spills of the fitness world in mind, our Rubber Gym Flooring is both waterproof and non-slip, making it an optimal solution for high-intensity workout settings. The waterproof surface locks out moisture effectively, protecting both the floor and your equipment from any potential water damage. It also simplifies the cleaning process, thus enhancing the hygiene of your gym. The non-slip feature ensures a safer training environment, reducing the risk of accidents during vigorous training sessions. Regardless of the workout intensity, Phoenix Strength’s flooring has you covered, offering an extra layer of safety and security that your members will appreciate.