CFI4 FID Bench

Redefine your fitness experience with the robust CFI4 FID Bench from Phoenix Strength. Designed to meet the demands of both commercial gyms and high-performance training environments, this heavy-duty bench, rated to support up to 500kg, offers unmatched versatility for your workouts. With four backrest adjustment positions, you can seamlessly switch between flat and incline exercises while maintaining supreme comfort and maximizing your training effectiveness. The elegant inclusion of two seat adjustment positions further embellishes the utility of this bench, facilitating enhanced upright movements. Completed with an oversized pad, the CFI4 FID Bench not only serves as an excellent flat bench but also encapsulates our commitment to effective strength training. Forego the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary precision and enduring performance of Phoenix Strength’s CFI4 FID Bench.

Versatile Adjustments for Optimized Strength Training

Unlock the full potential of your strength training with the CFI4 FID Bench’s versatile adjustment capabilities. Perfect for gym owners aiming to offer their clientele the most effective and diversified workouts, our bench features four backrest adjustment positions and two seat adjustment positions. These offer a smoother transition between exercises, enhancing upright movements and enabling an extensive range of flat and incline exercises. Whether your fitness enthusiasts are working on muscle growth, tone, or general fitness, the customizable nature of our bench allows for personalized, effective exercise regimens. Invest in Phoenix Strength’s CFI4 FID Bench and deliver an improved, versatile fitness experience.

Superior Construction for Enhanced Durability

Experience fitness equipment built to last with the CFI4 FID Bench by Phoenix Strength. The superior construction of this bench ensures its suitability for high-footfall commercial environments, standing up to the rigors of constant heavy-duty use. With a weight rating of up to 500 kg, this bench confidently supports your patrons’ most intense strength building workouts. High-quality materials paired with our meticulous manufacturing processes result in a product that confidently echoes our commitment toward durability. For gym owners wanting to minimize equipment downtime and maximize customer satisfaction, Phoenix Strength’s CFI4 FID Bench is the reliable option that keeps performing, day in, day out.

Oversized Pad for Superior Workout Comfort

Maximize your gym-users’ comfort with the CFI4 FID Bench’s oversized pad. A paramount feature of the bench, the larger than usual pad ensures your user’s positions are well-supported during their range of exercises, fostering a better workout experience. Even during the most rigorous strength building exercises, the ample support and stability provided by the oversized pad bolster their confidence and focus on their fitness goals. Facility owners will find that the improved comfort can lead to increased user satisfaction and a noticeable enhancement in workout quality at their establishment. Embrace Phoenix Strength’s CFI4 FID Bench, a fusion of comfort and performance.