Zero Gap PRO FID Bench

Experience unmatched versatility and precision with the Zero Gap PRO FID Bench, setting a new benchmark for Commercial Grade Weight Lifting Benches. This top-tier training solution boasts a sturdy 3mm steel frame, available in Black, Red, or Blue, designed to endure the rigors of intense workouts. The bench stands out with its fully adjustable two-axis seat, a supported angle-adjustable backrest, and lateral seat adjustment technology, eliminating the gap between the seat and backrest in both flat and decline configurations. Its commercial-grade strength supports a substantial 250kg weight rating, ensuring the bench meets the demands of serious fitness enthusiasts. It’s completed with a convenient easy-grip handle and rear wheels for optimal mobility in the gym. The Zero Gap PRO FID Bench – where the fine line between rigorous military-style training and high-end fitness experience vanishes.

Zero-Gap Adjustment for Customized Training Precision

Experience training precision like never before with the Zero Gap PRO FID Bench’s distinctive zero-gap adjustment feature. This ingenious design allows fitness professionals to customize the bench position, eliminating the gap between seat and backrest in flat or decline configurations. Whether you’re running a bodybuilding gym, a military-style fitness center, or simply starting a new high-performance training environment, this unparalleled adjustability ensures the bench perfectly aligns with every user’s body type and workout regime. The Zero Gap adjustment feature delivers an optimized fitness experience and reduces the risk of discomfort or injury, taking your clients’ strength training to a whole new level. Empower your gym with the bench that truly understands the meaning of custom-fit training.

Commercial-Grade Steel for Maximum Load Capability

Discover a new level of robustness with the Zero Gap PRO FID Bench’s frame, constructed from commercial-grade 3mm steel. This design choice offers unprecedented weight-supporting capacity in a training bench, catering to the demands of heavy lifters and high-performance athletes. Whether running a military-style gym, a high-end fitness chain, or private training facility, you’re going to value equipment that withstands heavy use while maintaining stability and integrity. With the ability to support up to a massive 250kg weight, the Phoenix Strength Bench becomes an indispensable ally for every rigorous workout regime. Serious strength, serious training – that’s our promise.

High-Quality Upholstery for Superior Comfort

Unleash your true potential while enjoying the superior comfort offered by the Zero Gap PRO FID Bench’s high-quality upholstery. It comes paired with an easily cleaned polyurethane coating and quality firm urethane foam padding that enhances comfort and durability. The robust yet lightweight design ensures that your gym members – whether they’re dedicated bodybuilders, high-performance athletes, or military fitness enthusiasts – can enjoy a comfortable training session without sacrificing their performance goals. Providing the perfect balance of comfort and rigidity, this Phoenix Strength bench offers a supportive and efficient workout experience, even under the most rigorous training regimes. Elevate the comfort level of your gym – because at Phoenix Strength, we believe that comfort and performance go hand in hand.